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The 1 Thing Better Foundation's primary focus is to serve the needs of our local community by offering grant support to disadvantaged and underserved families in North Texas, and to partner with charities, organizations, and educational institutions that share like-minded purposes.

In Focus - FTWISD After School Program

The One Thing Better Foundation is not oblivious to some of the unique/ additional challenges many households face as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Recent data has shown that one-in-four teens in households across Texas lack access to a computer at home. This obstacle makes an already difficult "learn from home" situation even more complex. 

1TB is proud to provide The Fort Worth After School Program with 20 laptops and desktop computers as a way to promote a healthy learning environment for those disproportionately impacted by the current landscape. 

Director of the Fort Worth After School Program, Miguel Garcia, delivering donated laptops and computers to children who are part of his program. 

1 thing Better Foundation 

The One Thing Better idea was born from the personal and corporate philosophies of the Foundation’s founding members.  It simply means that each day, try to make at least One Thing Better than the day before.  The idea took hold as the Foundation grew, and now the associates and volunteers work hard every day to put our money where our mouth is — to make 1 Thing Better for a beneficiary child or family.  

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1 thing Better Foundation FTWISD After School Program - Leadership Camp 

The One Thing Better Foundation has partnered with the Fort Worth ISD After School Program six years consecutively to put on the Annual Leadership Camp.​ The camp includes a combination of team building and mentor lead events over the span of two days. The camp challenges the children in leadership, teamwork, and facing their fears!

Michael Stanley Talks With Campers
Michael Stanley Talks With Campers

Leadership Camp 2016
Leadership Camp 2016

1 Thing Better Presents Funds
1 Thing Better Presents Funds

For Camp Program

Michael Stanley Talks With Campers
Michael Stanley Talks With Campers



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